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Style, variety and functionality these are the axes of our wholesale fashion designs.


Of course, without forgetting to claim that quality is not at odds with women's fashion wholesaler. Not much less! In fact, that excellence is one of the hallmarks that has made us the benchmark for online wholesale distribution.

At Fanny Jin we are proud to have brought the women's clothing wholesale to the highest levels of quality, those that allow any of our garments to compete with those that are exhibited in the windows of the most demanded firms. Now, buy wholesale clothing to sell is synonymous with design, select fabrics and functionality. That is our objective as leaders in the sector of wholesale clothing distributors in Spain.


A new concept of wholesale


There are notable differences between Fanny Jin and any other textile wholesaler. The most significant, without a doubt, is that we are not exclusively dedicated to the clothing wholesale, but we are also manufacturers. This allows us to have full control over our collections. As clothing suppliers for online store we can guarantee a variety and update in our collections that is not available to our competitors.

Thanks to our convinced commitment to bring the Wholesale women's clothing to the prominence it deserves, today buy wholesale clothing to sell It is an activity that requires professionalism, experience and a true knowledge of the sector. All are qualities with which Fanny Jin's team identifies and which have allowed it to gain widespread recognition after more than 20 years of dedication to women's fashion wholesaler.


New collections that include the latest fashion trends


The wholesale purchase in these times of online commerce requires dynamism and constant updating by the companies that are dedicated to the online wholesale distribution. Never before has there been such a marked need to attend immediately to the stores that we supply with wholesale fashion.

However, we are also aware that the customers of your store, whether in person or online, have never been as demanding as they are today. Confident women who know what they want and are perfectly informed about the latest fashion trends. They know what's on the market and they know what they want for their closets.

Therefore, an essential part of our role as clothing suppliers for online store is, precisely, to put at your disposal some collections of wholesale women's clothing complete, original, that respond to their tastes and that reflect their different needs depending on the activity they are going to carry out. An update of daily garments that you will only find in Fanny Jin.


Quality wholesale clothing at the best prices


If Fanny Jin has become the leading company among the wholesale clothing distributors Spain It was not by chance. It is the result of a solid proposal in which we respond to the main demands of the information sector. clothing wholesale.

These are, basically two, to guarantee the highest quality in the Women's clothing wholesale, as we have already highlighted and that we achieve by manufacturing our exclusive collections. And, secondly, to do it while maintaining prices in the women's fashion wholesaler affordable for any pocket. Only if our prices of clothing wholesale are affordable, you can transfer that price to your clients without having to lower your benefits.

In Fanny Jin we have no doubts, buy wholesale clothing to sell it is a complex activity. You move between two extremes. On the one hand, you have to negotiate with the different wholesale clothing distributors in Spain to receive those clothes and accessories in a timely manner, at the lowest possible cost to have a margin on which to move. But, on the other side are your clients who demand exceptional, unique, modern garments at a good price.

We want to be on your side and that together we form the best of teams. For this reason, we think about your needs when creating each of our collections of wholesale fashion. All the garments, footwear and accessories that we manufacture are designed taking into account the originality, elegance and versatility demanded by the woman who comes to your store to dress up.

And, in addition, we can choose the best textiles for each model, because we get special conditions from our suppliers thanks to the volume and continuity of our production. Some collections of women's fashion wholesaler cheap and unique that you will only find in Fanny JIn, the highest reference in online wholesale distribution.

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